We welcome you to the Church in the Valley of Leakey, Texas.  We are a small non-denominational church that was started in 1979 as a home Bible study. We are a church for all ages, that emphasizes practical teaching, preaching and worship in a very relaxed and informal atmosphere.  We are a place to meet new friends, strengthen old friendships, build stronger families and we encourage all to participate.  

Our mission in Leakey is a Bible based effort to be Christ's ambassadors to seek and save that which is lost, set at liberty those who are bound, heal the sick and bruised, clothe the naked, feed the hungry and comfort those who are afflicted.  

We preach a reformed doctrine of Christ saving by grace through faith. We encourage strong fellowship and exhortation for all to participate in worship service through sharing Scripture, prayer, songs and encouragement.  We strongly emphasize correct doctrine and practical living.  The church has a plural leadership of qualified deacons, elders and active lay members.  We accept all as they are and pray daily that Christ will mature all day by day.  We are people of the HOLY BIBLE and PRAYER.  

If you do not have a church we would encourage you strongly to come worship with us for a period of time.  We all strive to make you feel loved and welcomed into the family of Christ.

Contact us at:

Church in the Valley
P.O. Box 1071
724 S US Hwy 83
Leakey, Texas  77873
Pastor - Bro. Ray Miller

Solo Christo, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura, and Soli Deo Gloria
"Christ alone, Grace alone, Faith alone, Scripture Alone and The Glory of God Alone."

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  Church in the Valley
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